Below you will find a source of funding for coaching courses, equipment, coach education and starter courses, along with the web links to enable you to access the application forms or further information.

Community Chest

This is a Sport Wales (SW) National Lottery funded scheme which is designed to make a difference to sport locally. The primary purpose of the SPORTLOT Community Chest is to encourage and support good projects which will create new or improved sports activities and opportunities that are additional to what is already in place and would not be able to happen without a grant. This means that a sports club can apply for funding towards coach education courses for it coaches/volunteers. Coach education is a high priority of this grant scheme.

Who is eligible?

Organisations can apply, provided they have a bank or building society account in the name of the organisation. This means that the sports club will need to apply on behalf of the coaches within a club

How to apply?

Community Chest Information

Community Chest Guidelines

Community Chest Application Form

Community Chest Application Supplementary Sheet

For help with applications please contact your Regional Development Officer or ring Wales Squash & Racketball on 0845 846 0027.




Sportsmatch Cymru deals with sport and helps governing bodies and sports clubs attract sponsorship to help fund new and additional opportunities. The funds generated must be spent on projects that have a sports development benefit or provide opportunities for more people to become more active in sport, more often.


The activity for which you are requesting funding must not have begun before your application is considered and you must not have already provided the sponsor with commercial benefits. You must not have spent the sponsorship money before your application is considered and you must make the application in the first year that you receive the sponsorship.


The minimum amount of sponsorship that Sportsmatch Cymru will consider matching is 300 and this can be made up of a maximum of three sponsors.


If your application is approved you will receive 50% of the award on receipt of a signed contract, proof of sponsorship payment and any other requested documentation.


The remaining 50% will be paid upon completion of the project and submission of the required documentation.


The above information includes some changes to the administration and management of the Sportsmatch Cymru scheme which may have been made since you made a previous application.


Click here for details of the changes, how to get advice regarding your application and how to submit your application.


Sportsmatch Cymru Rules


Click here to download a Sportsmatch Cymru Application Form


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