Swansea 19-20 May 2006

Ladies Over 50 / Men Over 65 & 70


Over 65 Men Almost Succeed and the Ladies Return


Wales Over 50 Ladies team has been revived through the stimulation of Val Lewis.  The team, in playing order, was Pat Harris, Lynne Mckenna, Sue Davies, Mari Jones, Lynne Thomas and Sue Morgan.  They played hard losing 3-2 to Ireland and Scotland  with game scores of 8-9 and 9-11 respectively, which gave them third place overall.  Mari and Lynne were the winners on both occasions, but the games won by the other players secured third place for Wales.  There are those who would change the point scoring method, but a system where every game counts is preferred.


Wales Over 65 Men have waited patiently to have all their big guns in the age group, after being frustrated five years at Over 60 level by the ‘foot and mouth’ cancellation of 2001.   The team, in playing order, of Mike Thurgur, Brian Phillips, Gary Greenhalgh, Garry Williams, Len Thomas and David Rees started strongly against Ireland on Friday evening and Scotland on Saturday morning winning 17-3 and 18-3.  The missing point came in a tough and regular 3-2 encounter between Brian and Mossie Collins.  The scene was set for a showdown with England on Saturday afternoon.  The match began with three very close games at number 5, which Len lost 9/7, 9/7, 10/8 against John Preston.   So near and yet so far.  In the following number 3 string Garry Greenhalgh is still wondering why he handed the ball to John Woodliffe after referee Roy Gingell awarded him a stoke when he was leading in the fourth game.  Sadly he did not win another point.  The top string match saw former World Over 60 champion Mike Thurgur give a masterly exhibition to defeat current British Open Over 65 champion Pat Kirton 9/3, 9/0, 9/1.  So the match was still alive.


Garry Williams played well in an active match with John Shaw, going down 3-1 with a prolonged 10/8 in the fourth game.  So we had not achieved our dream.  However Brian gave a determined professional performance to bear Chris Stahl 3-2 in the end game.   Will we try again next year or in five years time?  Only time will tell.


The Over 70 event was contested by England and Scotland, with England the winners.


Click here for the results of the Mens Over 65 & Over 70 and Ladies Over 50 event in Swansea on 19th to 21st May 2006



Over 60 Home Internationals  Edinburgh   12th & 13th May 2006


After suffering from a large number of injuries and unavailabilities the over 60 team only managed to reach Edinburgh with 4 players and 2 of these were from the over 65 team ( and who were our only winners!). This meant that we had to concede the 5th string in all of our matches.


In our opening match against England we were beaten fairly comprehensively although all the games were hard fought and several of our players were unlucky not to win games.


In our second game against Scotland, David missed a chance to go 2-1 up and Jeff started off well by winning his first game but couldn’t sustain his good form as the match progressed.  After a slow start Brian played really well to record our first victory.


In our final match against Ireland  Jeff had a close match but couldn’t win vital points in the 2nd and 4th games. Garry had two very close games before taking the 3rd and then convincingly winning the 4th to level the match.  David started off by winning the 1st game convincingly and taking a 6-3 lead in the 2nd but hit a bad patch to go 2-1 down.  In spite of a come back in the 4th game he was not able to take the match to a 5th game.  Brian won 2 close games but allowed a determined opponent level the match at 2-all before putting a good effort to win in the 5th.


With a depleted team we were bound to struggle but we still had some competitive matches and enjoyed the weekend. 


Congratulations to the 3 victories obtained by our “oldies”!


David Hughes (Captain)



England beat Wales  5 – 0 ( 15-0 )

Rodney Boswell beat David Hughes 9/7 9/6 9/5

Chris Ansell  beat Brian Phillips 9/8 9/1 9/4

Mike Clemson beat Garry Williams 9/2 9/7 9/3

Ken Johnson beat Jeff Avery 9/3 9/0 9/6

England w/o


Scotland beat Wales  4 – 1  ( 12-5 )

Willie Wood beat David Hughes 8/10 9/6 10/9 9/2

Mike Moore lost to Brian Phillips 7/9 8/9 5/9

John Done beat Garry Williams 9/5 9/4 9/5

Bob Drummond beat Jeff Avery 7/9 9/5 9/4 9/1

Scotland w/o


Ireland beat Wales 3 – 2  (12 – 8 )

Eamonn O’Reilly beat David Hughes 0/9 9/6 9/1 9/7

Noel Murphy lost to Brian Phillips 7/9 7/9 9/7 9/7 5/9

Seamus Toomey lost to Garry Williams 9/8 9/10 5/9 0/9

Brian Williams beat Jeff Avery 9/5 10/8 6/9 9/7

Ireland w/o


England beat Ireland  5 – 0  ( 15 – 5 )

Boswell beat O’Reilly 3–1

Ansell beat Murphy 3-2

Clemson beat Toomey 3-0

Wright beat Gilmour 3-2

Prowse beat Williams 3-0


Scotland beat Ireland  4 – 1 ( 14 – 7 )

Wood lost to O’Reilly 2-3

Moore beat Murphy 3-1

Done beat Toomey 3-1

Pearman beat Gilmour 3-1

Cowper bear Staulton 3-1


England beat Scotland  4 -1 ( 13 – 5 )

Boswell lost to Wood 1-3

Ansell beat Moore 3-2

Clemson beat Done 3-0

Johnson beat Pearman 3-0

Wright beat Drummond 3-0


Final positions

  1. England  (14 matches : 43 games )
  2. Scotland  ( 9 matches : 31 games )
  3. Ireland     ( 4 matches : 24 games )
  4. Wales       ( 3 matches : 13 games )



The full results from the weekend can be obtained on (click on “competitions”, “tournaments” and then “view results” on the tournament calendar for 12th-13th May.) or go directly to .




That time of year has come around again when the more mature amongst us take part in the Masters Internationals.


The O40's Ladies travelled to Dublin.

As usual the team were a little slow out of the blocks and lost to Scotland a disappointing 5-0 on the Friday evening.After a night's rest the team faced England. The dragon began to stir a little. The match began with Carolyn Staines at number 5 who gave an outstanding performance winning a closely contested match in the fifth game. This spurred the rest of the team who put in creditable performances with Sian Johnson losing in the fifth to the English number one.

The team was beginning to work well and they roared to a 4-1 win against Ireland on the Saturday afternoon.


The team performed well overall, but the player of the weekend has to be Carolyn Staines who won both her matches.


Sian Johnson (Captain)



Results of the Mens Over 55 & Over 60 and Womens Over 45 Event in Edinburgh on 12th to 13th May 2006




A back injury forced a very disappointed Annette to pull out of the ladies 045 team travelling to Edinburgh. So Hillary decided the best mode of transport for herself would be by train and left on Thursday!! Lynne, Kath, Wendy and Pat opted for an early 6.45am flight on a chilly Friday morning. As we were unable to get into our hotel rooms until 3pm we had to spend 6 hours shopping in Princes Street (poor credit cards)!!! This was obviously good pre match preparation because although we lost 5-0 against England there were some closely contested matches. Despite our best efforts we lost 5-0 to Scotland on Saturday morning with Wendy just missing out in a tough 5 set match. We reversed our fortunes Saturday afternoon beating Ireland 3-2 with wins for Kath, Wendy and Pat, Lynne and Hillary both losing 3-2. The team finished 3rd.


An excellent weekend with great hospitality from Scottish Squash.



Congratulations to the following who have been selected to represent Wales in this seasons Master’s Home Internationals












12-13 May

28-29 April

12-13 May

19-20 May

Carolyn Guard

Sian Johnson

Lynne Davies

Lynne McKenna

Janine Nickson

Kath Horler-Clee

Annette Davies

Sue Davies

Hayley Thomas

Wendy Norris

Pat Harris

Lynne Thomas

Joanne Dark

Lynne Davies

Kath Horler-Clee

Mari Jones

Caroline Staines

Karen Workman

Wendy Norris

Pat Harris


Caroline Staines

Hilary Bugler

Sue Morgan












12-13 May

12-13 May

28-29 April

28-29 April

Steve Evans

Gary Hales

Mike Workman

Nigel Rees

Mark Jones

Richard Murphy

Tom Pollard

Clive Morgan

Andrew Harris

Mark Thomas

Mike Phillips

Phil Monaghan

Paul Robey

Ian Fenner-Evans

Nick Guard

Mick Nash

Andy Jones

Neil Gallagher

Alan James

John Bowkett

Matthew Lawrence


Simon Bourge

Robert Evans









12-13 May

12-13 May

19-20 May

Richard Packham

David Hughes

Brian Phillips

Mike Morrell

Brian Phillips

Garry Greenhalgh

Hadyn Jones

Norman Ratcliffe

David Rees

Richard Ford

Garry Williams

Len Thomas

Alan Hughes

Jeff Avery

Mike Thurgur

Dafydd Barnes


Garry Williams






APRIL 28/29                 IRELAND                     MO45         MO50         WO40

MAY 12/13                   NOTTINGHAM            MO35         MO40         WO35

MAY 12/13                   SCOTLAND                 MO55         MO60         WO45

MAY 19/20                   WALES                         MO65         MO70         WO50



APRIL 27/28                 IRELAND                     MO55         MO60         WO45

MAY 11/12                   NOTTINGHAM            MO45         MO50         WO40

MAY 11/12                   SCOTLAND                 MO65         MO70         WO50

APRIL 27/28                   WALES                         MO35         MO40         WO35



APRIL 25/26                 IRELAND                     MO65         MO70         WO50

MAY 9/10                     NOTTINGHAM            M055          MO60         WO45

MAY 9/10                     SCOTLAND                 MO35         MO40         WO35

MAY 16/17                   WALES                         MO45         MO50         WO40



APRIL 24/25                 IRELAND                     MO35         MO40         WO35

MAY 8/9                       NOTTINGHAM            MO65         MO70         WO50

MAY 8/9                       SCOTLAND                 MO45         MO50         WO40

MAY 15/16                   WALES                         MO55         MO60         WO45


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