The purpose of the group is to have a collective review of referee activity periodically and have consideration and input from representation of all aspects of the game, Referee, Player, Governing body and Referee Coordinator. 

Formation of group;

Referee Representative -  Senior Referee to be selected at time of meeting

Referee Co-ordinator – Matthew O’Connor, Chair person

Governing Body Representative – to be selected at time of meeting

Male Player Representative – to be selected at time of meeting

Female Player Representative – to be selected at time of meeting


Terms of reference

The remit for the remit of the group is to;

  • Review referee assessments.
  • Recommend actions from referee assessments in terms of qualification of candidates, progression and demotion.  The group will also recommend constructive feedback to be provided to those assessed.
  • The group will review conduct forms submitted for the period and make recommendations to the governing body on appropriate action to be taken on a case by case basis.
  • The group will review tutors and assessors.  Discussing suitability of people in these roles, recommendations for suitable people to approach for roles and ways to develop this area.
  • The group will review the structure of courses and assessments.
  • The group will review referee projects such as the Prem ‘A’ project.
  • The group will review and discuss the referee strategy for Wales and identify key targets to achieve over the following periods and recommendations on how to deliver those.

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