The following key objectives have been amended in light of the UKCF 3-7-11 Year Action Plan and are based on the “5 strategic action areas” and “12 specific actions”

  • Develop an inclusive Squash Coaching Model to provide clear direction and a strategic framework for coaching policy and practice in Wales.
  • Set out and implement a clear, comprehensive and inclusive model for the long-term development of squash participants.
  • Set out and implement a clear, comprehensive and inclusive model for the long term development of squash coaches.
  • Set out and implement inclusive squash-specific coaching strategies at national, regional and local level.
  • Recruit (using the community coach activator scheme) and retain qualified coaches in each of the three regions of Wales, with the skills to coach inclusively at each phase of the participant pathway.
  • Maximise the role of coaching in the education sector using the Squash Wales Leaders Award Programme as an introduction.
  • Establish accessible and effective education, delivery systems and resources to underpin the long-term development of coaches and the coach education workforce in the context of the UK Coaching Certificate and effective CPD programmes, using these as an incentive to increase the number of licensed coaches.
  • Establish appropriate systems to identify, train, qualify and support quality coaches for specific sport populations (eg high performance athletes, talent identified athletes, children).
  • Develop coaching qualifications, CPD and specialist qualifications linked to the pathway phase/target group (eg inclusive coaching of primary aged children – under 11 talent id).
  • Set out and implement the steps needed to establish coaching as a professionally regulated vocation recognising volunteer and part/full time roles.
  • Conduct a sustained, long term campaign to raise the profile and recognition of coaching at all stages.
  • Implement an ongoing research and development programme into participant and coach pathways, coaching quality and expertise and coaching resources in line with the UK Coaching Framework priorities. 

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