Squash Wales’s coaches:  


For European events coaches will travel with players and be responsible for and support them at the event. Any players who travel to a European event will be under Squash Wales jurisdiction for the duration of the tournament, even if one or more of their parents are there as well.


Squash Wales’s coaches attending events on behalf of Squash Wales will be available to coach Welsh players depending on how many venues and how many coaches are available. Where there are a large number of Welsh players competing the coaches will adopt a common sense approach to ensure coaching support/feedback to as many players as is practicable.


Issues have arisen where a HPC has coached a player during a tournament who they also privately coached where their opponent was also a member of the Excellence Squad Programme and coached by that HPC at squads. Squash Wales has agreed the following action for the 2011/2012 season:

  • Squash Wales High Performance coaches will continue to offer advice to their personal players between games, however it should be that coach’s responsibility to ensure that the other player be offered the services of another HPC. If another HPC is not available the coach should only speak to the player before and after the match.


Exception Requests:

  • For the 2011/2012 season exception requests also apply to all players who are unable to attend Compulsory Tournaments, National Squads, Inter-County Championships and Excellence Squads.

 CLICK HERE to download an Exception Request Form



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