RACKETBALL IS COMING TO WALES IN 2012 - Racketball is very similar to squash, it is played on a squash court and uses rackets and balls. The balls are bigger, the racket head are larger and ball bounces much higher, great for beginners in racket sports but also a great workout for any advanced players of squash.

Squash Wales advertised the Racketball Development Officer position on the website back in November 2011 and held interviews in December, Damian Burgess and Clair Miles-Owen were chosen as the new Racketball Development Officers covering all of Wales.

LOOK OUT FOR EVENTS COMING TO A CLUB NEAR YOU VERY SOON!! FREE Open Days have been planned for the months ahead - anyone is welcome to attend, play squash and racketball, FREE taster sessions as well as exhibition matches and more... come and see for yourself.

CLICK HERE for the booklet containing the Racketball rules for Racketball played in the UK - please note that US Racquetball uses different rules and is played on a different court

CLICK HERE read about our Open Days at Newport and Brecon

Below is a video by England Squash and Racketball

CLICK HERE to download your Racketball Poster - please put this in your club or leisure centre.

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